Bora Bora Airport Guide

Probably one of the most interesting airports in the world, Bora Bora or Motu Mute is located on a strand of land around Bora Bora Lagoon. It has a small surface and only one terminal but it provides tourists with a breathtaking view, being surrounded by the ocean all around. In fact, once you get out of the airport you will walk directly on the pier where you can take your ferry from.

Airport Map

Bora Bora airport

Bora Bora Airport from air | Image Source: Google Map


Being relatively small, there is no specific information whether The Bora Bora Airport has a lounge or not. However, given the fact that single terminal is open-air and once you get off the plane, you are welcomed by the beautiful Tahitian sounds that can be heard immediately.

At the same time, the amazing landscape that is right in front of you is surely going to be much better than any VIP lounge from other airports.

Shops, Bars and Restaurants

Places where you can eat, drink and shop aren’t mentioned in travel guides, however you can probably find some at the Bora Bora Airport terminal upon arrival. If not, in 25 minutes you will reach Vaitape by boat and find enough restaurants and bars there.

Tourist Information

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Car rental

Renting a car in Bora Bora is one of the methods of getting around the amazing islands so if you want to try out this opportunity, be sure to visit our car rental page.