Transport and Directions to and from Bora Bora Airport

How to get to Bora Bora?

The Bora Bora Airport is located on a small strip of land in the northern part of the island. Therefore, in order to get to any other place in Bora Bora, including your hotel, you will have to take the boat. There are no taxis or other means of transportation unless you catch a flight to one of the nearby islands.

How to get to Vaitape?

Once you get out of the airport terminal you will walk directly on the pier from which you can board on the boat. The main destination from the airport is Vaitape, the largest city in Bora Bora. You can either arrive at the Vaitape boat dock located downtown or at the Fare Piti dock located 1.8 miles / 3 km away from Vaitape.

Travel by Boat

As mentioned before, the boat represents the main transfer from the Bora Bora Airport, considering the fact that the terminal is located on Motu which in the local language means small island. This is why you have to either make arrangements with your hotel so that a boat will take you to your acommodation or you can just take the boat to Vaitape and use another means of transportation to get to your hotel.

Public Transport on Bora Bora Island

Le’ Truck Transport


Public transport by Le Truck Bora Bora | Image Source: Wikipedia

When it comes to getting around in Bora Bora by public transport, there are various possibilities that you can choose from. The most interesting one by far is Le’ Truck because it’s basically a truck that has been turned into a public form of transportation, being painted over in a lively way that makes it blend in the beautiful scenery of Bora Bora. However, the schedule of Le’ Truck basically depends on the ones of the ferries and there isn’t any clear information regarding the fare and the hours at which it is available.

Travelling by Bus

The bus takes a tour around half of the island and back approximatelly once an hour. Others means of transportation are byclycles, mopeds or rental cars. Nonetheless, it’s best that you arrange your transfer from the Bora Bora airport to your hotel beforehand in order to avoid any problems.

Helicopter Transfer

bora bora tours

Bora Bora Tours by Helicopter | Image Source: The Tahiti Traveler

Polynesia Helicopteres (also known as Heli-Inter) are the only helicpoter service in French Polynesia. They can transfer you to all Polynesian islands but they are specializing in the Society Islands.

“If you can afford it, go for it!” by TST

Helicopter is best option for admiring Society Islands in the Pacific Ocean.

Tahiti- Faa’a International Airport
P.O. Box 6109- 98 702, Faaa- TAHITI
Tel.(689) 54.87.20, Fax (689) 54.87.21

Water Taxi / Boats Rental

Water taxi services is very popular transport on Bora Bora Island. Great way for full day tours, lagoon fishing, snorkeling, lagoon picnics, etc. At your request they will take you to any place on the island

Pofai Bay- BoraBora, (P.O. Box 220, Vaitape- BORA BORA)
Telephone- (689) 67.61.41 / 67.75.97, Fax- (689) 67.61.26

Bora Bora have a few spots for renting small boats.

Bora Bora Hotel, PO. Box 196- 98 730 Vaitape, BORA BORA
Telephone- (689) 67.60.61, Fax- (689) 67.61.01

Scooters & Bicycles

Do you like the wind blowing through your hair? Scooters or Bicycles are great way to experience and discover Bora Bora Island. They are cheap and easy to rent in hotels.